Aus afrodiasporischen Gegen-ständen entworfene Perlen, die neue Eindrücke von Heimat hervorrufen.
09/12/2023 - 24/03/2024



Rotunda Project 2023/24


OPENING: 8 December 2023, 7 pm
WALKABOUT WITH THE ARTISTS: 9 December 2023, 11 am (free entry)

For the forthcoming installation "Homeplace", Matri-Archi(tecture) re-imagines and re-configures the Rotunda as a site for critical reflections on the spatiality of dwelling, sharing with–and inviting–visitors to consider what forms and imaginings a home might invoke and hold. In coming together, Matri-Archi(tecture) interrogates the plurality of a homeplace, not fixed in scale, duration or state. Through assemblages of textile, sound and storytelling–mythical, speculative and performative–the installation explores commonalities and possible forms of place-making by centering the homeplace as a place that is both affective and intimate, revealing the dimensions of personal, interpersonal and embodied experiences of belonging.

The exhibition materializes in three parts. A beaded curtain extends from the ground floor to the dome of the Rotunda, creating a space of transparency and intimacy. The atmospheric space is complemented by a soundscape based on a series of voices from the diaspora, exploring ideas of dwelling. Matri-Archi(tecture) opens and extends "Homeplace" with an imbizo (Zulu: gathering) that activates the installation during the vernissage into the exhibition.

With "Homeplace", Matri-Archi(tecture) invites visitors to take part in a discourse on imaginings of home otherwise. As diasporic women mediating, bridging and blurring boundaries across Northern and Southern hemispheres, the exhibition honors and references African and diasporic rituals, expressions and forms of constructing homeplace, that is at once reflected in the installation and experience of it.

Matri-Archi(tecture) is an association that hosts a network of intersectional spatial practitioners dedicated to the development of African spatial education, offering a site for artistic collaboration through design, art and architectural research projects. As a constellation of pluri-disciplinary spatial practitioners, Matri-Archi(tecture) recognizes the value of collaboration across multiple worlds and worldviews, collaborating across various African and European cities.

They exhibited at the Vitra Design Museum, Weil am Rhein (2021), the Chicago Architecture Biennale (2021), and the Nairobi Design Week (2019), among others. They won the "Best New Practices" award (2021) from the architecture platform Archdaily and were featured in the architecture magazine Arch+ for contemporary outstanding feminist spatial practice (2022). They are exhibiting at "Building Africa: The State of Things!" at Keyes Art Mile in August 2023 in Johannesburg, South Africa. Sign up to their newsletter for updates.

This project involves Matri-Archi(tecture) contributors: Afaina de Jong, Abdé Batchati, Aisha Mugo, Margarida Waco, and Khensani Jurczok-de Klerk.


Afaina de Jong is an architect and researcher. She is the Founding Principal at AFARAI and Head of MA Contextual Design at Design Academy Eindhoven

Abdé Batchati is an architecture graduate student from Munich. She is passionate about community-based and self-governed systems and involved in different activist groups concerned with intersectional justice.

Aisha Mugo is a researcher and film photographer from Mombasa, Kenya. She works within the intersections of Urbanism and Migration and is a Research Officer at Mawazo Institute.

Margarida Waco is an architect, educator, and writer. She is an Associate Lecturer and MA Studio Lead at the Royal College of Art and an Editorial Advisor to The Funambulist.

 Khensani Jurczok-de Klerk is an architect from Johannesburg, South Africa. She is the founder of Matri-Archi(tecture) and a doctoral fellow at the Institute for the History and Theory of Architecture (gta) ETH Zürich.


Organisation: Anja Albrecht

A newspaper will be published for the opening.

Photo: Ulrike Myrzik
Khensani Jurczok-de Klerk, Margarida Waco, Afaina de Jong, Abdé Batchati (from left to right) Photo: Ulrike Myrzik (not in the picture: Aisha Mugo)


The installation is accompanied by a newspaper with contributions from many international authors such as: Ókólí Stephen Nonso, Shahram Khosravi, Sinthujan Varatharajah, and many more.

From December 8th, 2023 until March 24, 2024 you can buy it for 1 EUR in the Rotunda of the Pinakothek der Moderne in one of our newspaper racks set up there or download your copy here:


"What does it mean to create a home afar from home?" - This question is at the centre of the installation HOMEPLACE - A LOVE LETTER by the collective Matri-Archi(tecture), on view in the Rotunda of the Pinakothek der Moderne from Dec 9, 2023 until March 24, 2024. In our new ONE ON ONE episode, Margarida Waco, Abdé Batchati and Khensani Jurczok-de Klerk, three of the artists involved in the project, talk about their concept and the considerations that went into the work.

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